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Noir Noir
Year: 2001
Episodes: 26
Rating: TV-14
Style: Action Anime, Drama, Noir
Plot: Based in modern day Europe, Mireille is contacted by Kirika to help her uncover her forgotten past. Together they undertake assassin missions under the name Noir. As the story progresses, Mireille discovers a connection between Kirika, herself, and the violent mafia known as the Soldats. Traveling the world they uncover more about Kirika’s past, and both their connection with the organization.

Noir is an anime with the classical look, with an addition of strong female-leading characters. With both the main characters being females, the anime also incorporates other leading female assassins. The fight scenes are beautifully made, involving always guns but in addition, hand-to-hand combat and acrobatic maneuvers. Perhaps the only upset would be the heavily involved dialogue in each episode. For those who enjoy a great plot, strong female characters, and thrilling action scenes, Noir is sure to please!
Netflix Score: 3.4 stars/ 5 stars
Personal Score: 8.5 amnesic schoolgirls out of 10!

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